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Online JoomlaLMS Help


Welcome to JoomlaLMS - a high-end eLearning software. JoomlaLMS is used to manage online learning content and administer distance learning processes. JoomlaLMS allows you to create and support an unlimited number of online learning courses that can be accessed by students from all over the world.

For facilitating of eLearning, a number of effective features and tools are used in this learning content management system:

Homework, links, learning paths tools, SCORM package support;
Register of attendance and gradebook tools;
Online quizzes;
Course documents repository;
Dropbox and mailbox;
Embedded forum, chat and conference;
Multilanguage interface, and much more.


User Roles and Interfaces


The system pre-supposes 4 various user roles:

Teacher: a person responsible for creating and administering courses, managing the whole learning process.
Student: a learner enrolled into one or several courses.
Parent/ CEO: a person responsible for administering Students and tracking Students' results.
Admin: a person responsible for general system and course settings.

Accordingly we can distinguish 4 various user interfaces - each for a different user role. Every interface implies a list of inherent tasks and available section. This User Guide describes how to work with the system depending on the role that you perform in the learning process. Please note that if you purchase Pro edition of JoomlaLMS you can create custom user roles and define their permissions yourself. Find more information in our online JoomlaLMS user manual or in video tutorials.




JoomlaLMS is a web-based application therefore to work with the system you will need Internet connection and a browser. Currently the system supports the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 6 or later versions;
Firefox (and its Mozilla friends);

Before you start working with the system, make sure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser. For online Conference you will need a Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser (version 7 or later). You can download it from Adobe website here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.


How to Use Online LMS Help


The help is presented in a tree-like structure starting with the basic features and moving on to the ones that are less complicated. Via clicking on any category of LMS help you'll be automatically redirected to the page that you need.

You can get to online LMS help from any course menu as well. This way you'll need to click the Help icon, that will navigate you to the already mentioned page.

We've tried to cover all the items that may cause any questions. The online JoomlaLMS user manual is provided with figures that contain examples of how to manage various items and users.

To make your work even easier, we've placed a search box on the help-page. So if you don't want to waste your time scrolling the pages up and down, you'll just have to type in the key words and the system will find the answer for you.

In addition we've created another type of help for you, i.e. tutorials that you can see in the list of video tutorials.

However, if you'll come up with any comments or questions, feel free to contact us. Your help is truly appreciated and is being implemented.