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Announcements are intended for informational purposes: a user who needs to share some important message with others should create an announcement that will be viewed by all course participants (Students and the Teacher). The information will be displayed on the Home Page, as well as on the Course Home page (if other is not specified by the Course Home page settings).

To pass to the Announcements section, click the Announcement icon () on the Course Home Page.


Fig. 'Announcements'


The home page of this section displays the list of announcements (All, Started, Upcoming or Expired) for the current month with a possibility of their editing and deleting. The Announcements list displays all announcements that have ever been created, listing them by months. To view only the announcements of a specific month, click its title (for example, June 2015).


To manage announcements, use the  icons in the top section menu.


Tip: To provide better view representation, you can sort out announcements using the filter of the List announcements section:


1.In the Ordering field select the sorting order: Ascending or Descending.
2.In the Filter field select the group of announcements: None, Current or Upcoming.
3.Click the Go button; as a result, announcements will be filtered by the specified criteria.


All announcements are divided into three groups:


Started announcements - announcements that are valid for the present moment of time ();
Upcoming announcements - announcements that are not valid yet and will come into effect in future ();
Expired announcements - announcements that are outdated and no longer current ();


Adding Announcements


To create a new announcement:


1.Click the New () button in the top section menu.
2.Fill in the opened form:


Fig. 'Adding announcements'


3.When finished, click Save () button in the top of the form to add an announcement; click Cancel () button to discard changes and close the form.


Viewing Announcements


The Monthly view (), Weekly view () and Daily view () tabs of the Announcements section allow a user to keep tracking of announcements in the form of a timetable. If you want to see all announcements per month, week or day, click a corresponding icon in the top section menu. The system will display a table with all announcements available for the specified period of time. To go back to the current month of the announcements list click on the Today () button.


Fig. ‘Announcements Monthly View’


Fig. ‘Announcements Weekly View’


Fig. ‘Announcements Daily View’


The Announcements list, as well as the Home page of the Announcements section, gives a user a possibility to edit and delete entries.


To edit an announcement:


1.Click the Edit button () in the dropdown next to a corresponding entry in the list.
2.Modify announcement properties as described in the Adding Announcements topic.
3.When finished, click Save in the top left corner of the form; click Cancel to discard changes and close the form.


To delete an announcement, click the Delete button next to the corresponding entry in the list. Please note that no confirmation will be required; therefore, it is strongly recommended to be attentive at the procedure of deletion.


Clicking on an announcement in the table will opens the Announcement view form.


Fig. ‘Announcement View’


Tip To move along the timetable (i.e., to pass to the next month or week), use the back () and the forward () icons in the table.


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