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Use the Mailbox option to send e-mail messages to one or several of your course Students or course Assistants. The user that receives a mail can view it in all the courses where this user is enrolled or administers. Each mail is marked with the name of the course where it was created.


To work with the mailbox, enter the necessary course and click the Mailbox icon () in the left course menu. You will see the list of Inbox mails (it's the default setting).


Fig. 'Inbox Mail'


To toggle between the Inbox and the Outbox mailbox folders switch the Inbox and the Outbox tabs at the top left corner of the list.


To read a message just click on the subject link.


Composing a New Message


To compose a new letter do the following:


1.Enter the necessary course and click on the Mailbox icon () in the left course menu.
2.Click on the Compose () button under the main course menu. The following form will open:


Fig. ‘Adding a New Mailbox Item’


3.Perform the following:
Select the Recipients of the message. In the list select a user to whom you want to send the mail and then click Ok.
Subject - define the subject of your mail.
Attachment - attach a file if you want to. Click on the Choose File button and browse a file on your computer.
Text - enter the text of your mail.
Send your message by clicking the Send button at the top left corner.


At the bottom of the mail list there is a filter allowing to define the number of messages to be displayed on the page.


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