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The Add Topic link allows Teachers to organize easy and rapid navigation to any course resource (Documents, Links, Learning Paths etc.) for Students.


To create a new topic:


1.Enter the course Home page and click the Add Topic () button. The following window will open:


Fig. 'Creating New Topic'


2.Fill in the fields of the form and click Save () button at the top of the page to save the changes or click the Cancel () button to discard changes.


Note: If you want to make the topic available for Students, make sure that: In the Publishing field you selected Yes as a value; In the Starting date and Ending date fields the availability period is specified correctly (if specified).


After a topic is created it is added in the bottom of the Course Home Page:


Fig. 'Topics list'


Use buttons at the top of each topic to manage them and add elements from the course:


Fig.'Add Elements'


After an element is added to the topic it is possible to easily navigate to this element from the Course Home Page:


Fig. 'New Elements of the Topic'


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