Course Home Page

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Course Home Page


The Course Home page is displayed when the user clicks a link of a necessary course on the Home Page.

Fig. 'Course Home Page'


The Course Home page displays general description of the course, and gives the user an access to basic modules of the course. Course modules can be accessed if a user clicks a corresponding icon in the top and left course menu:






Brings a user to the Home Page.


Brings a user to the Courses List.


Brings a user to the Subscriptions page.

File Library

Brings a user to the File Library.

Course Home

Brings a user to the Course Home Page.


Allows a user to manage course announcements.


Allows a user to work with course documents.

Learning paths

Allows a user to manage course learning paths.


Allows a user to manage course links.


Allows a user to manage course quizzes.


Allows a user to manage assignments.


Allows a user to register Student's attendance.


Brings a user to the course chat room.


Allows a user to book webinars.


Allows a user to assess Students' activity.


Allows a user to track statistics within course modules.


Allows a user to manage mass e-mail sending.

Users & Group Management

Allows a user to manage the membership of course groups.


Displays online Joomla LMS documentation.


The Course Home page can display the main modules of the course: HomeWork, Announcements and Dropbox, so that users can have easy access to them. For corresponding modules to be displayed, the settings of the Course Home page should be customized. For the page customization, click Edit the course () button at the top of the page.


Tip You can easily move to the Home page of another course from the Current course Home page: simply select a necessary entry in the Current course list located under the left course menu.


Customizing Course Home Page


The Edit form allows the Teacher of the course to customize the visual representation of the Course Home page for themselves and for Students participating in the course.


To customize the Course Home page:


1.Click Edit the course () button on the Course Home Page.
2.Go to sections of the edit form to change settings of the course and edit the Course Home Page:


Fig. 'Course Customizing Sections'


3.When finished, click Finish in the top left corner of the form to save the settings.


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